bowie ads 300x168 The New David Bowie Song Is Being Promoted With Adwords

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Some people seem to think that advertising their art is somehow “wrong”. I guess that stems from the anti-establishment feeling that still exists in the indie media world. That is not to say that most indie artists wouldn’t love to have a deal with a record label or film studio whowill  essentially spend money to promote them and their products in their stead.

Rather it is more of a feeling that your music/film should be able to make it n its own merit. There is nothing wrong with that except the odds are against you. The internet is open to everyone and that means an incredible amount of competition for the viewing or listening time of everyone on it.

I saw Bowie’s ads on YouTube and I thought it was a good example. Bowie is a superstar. Ok, maybe his days on top of the game were 30 years ago but everyone knows his name and that certainly counts for something. Why does he have to advertise?

The Bowie release of this album and the music video for his song “The Next Day” from the album have been textbook marketing (both old school and new) 1) he made a controversial video that would have a chance of going viral due to its content be more likely to be covered by mainstream media because of the same reason and the inevitable outrage it would cause among various groups. 2) He is using Adwords on YouTube to reach his target audience and make them aware of the album (click on the image at the top of this post to see examples of the ads).

Adwords will allow his team to run ads directed at a general audience (after all who doesn’t like Ziggy Stardust) and also to target a specific market such as 40+ year old males (probably his best audience). I say his team because it takes a lot of knowledge to set up an edwords campaign and run it in a way that maximizes both exposure and return on investment for the lowest possible cost. That is why I shake my head when people try to sell inexperienced people on the DIY route when running an advertising campaign. It is like driving a race car, sure anyone can drive one but only a few people have the skill to drive in a real race and even fewer have the skill to win.