thelogo Promote Your Video For Free! Street Punk Productions is committed to the idea that the web should be (as much as possible) a level playing field on which all content producers have an equal shot at having their video go viral and see millions of views. To this end we are offering $100 in free advertising from Google. The conditions are; that you must open a brand new Adwords account and spend $25 on an ad campaign within 14 days of opening the account.

[Disclaimer: This offer is subject to end without prior notice whenever Google Adwords decides to stop giving us promotional coupons for our customers]

Some companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote their videos online. We have always worked with indies though, as well as larger concerns and we want to help small companies and indie content producers get exposure for their material on a budget that they can afford.This promotion is the best opportunity we have seen to allow you to “test the waters” by putting your video in front of (potentially) millions of people without risking a large budget.

Once you have your Adwords account linked to our Client Center we will help you set up your initial campaign and run it for the duration of the $100 Google coupon as part of the promotion. We will place your video on appropriate sites such as Facebook games, mobile apps and various websites and related blogs to get you attention from real people and perhaps even go viral. Right now you can start a campaign essentially for free ($100 Google credit – $25 you spend = $75 totally free)so what are you waiting for? Email or call us now and let us get you started on the road to video fame!