From the start, there was no question for Tru Fam; they’d make a great team. As identical twins, Young Sha and Just I found motivation in their chemistry as brothers, best friends and their closest critics.

“It’s pretty much a given. We know what one another might want on a record without saying a word.” Young Sha explains.

It came back to when Tru Fam were just kids, watching the Bad Boy Family videos and wishing they could own the world.

“I remember watching P.Diddy and Ma$e in their shiny suits looking fly and all. After that I pretty much loved music,” Just I remembers.

As they grew older, both Young Sha and Just I learned to love all sorts of artists and bands. When they began making their own music in 2007, they  incorporated their love for the pop culture..

Tru Fam tunes reach beyond the normal beats and intricacies ..Their all about making music that the masses wanna hear and that  always been their goal. That and brand marketing strategy. Tru Fam looks at the bigger picture and prides themselves on not being  another  group on an iPod. It’s a complex art, building a brand and all, but the end objective is simple:

“Our main goal is to build a really solid fan base to buy our album, come to our shows and believe in our brand.”

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