Indie Film “Haynesville” Will Premiere November 23rd On CNBC

“Haynesville” will premiere on Tuesday, November 23rd at 9pm on CNBC. The one hour documentary will repeat that evening at 10pm, 12am and 1am.

The show will also air on:

Sunday, November 28th at 10pm.


When the people in rural Northern Louisiana learn they are sitting on a fortune, they struggle to weigh their big dreams against the safety of their community. Some will take the money and run while others learn to negotiate with the big energy companies who are looking to drill into the trillion-dollar natural gas reservoir that lies deep beneath their homes. Will this be easy money or the fight of their lives, in what some are calling the “new gold rush”?

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 Indie Film Haynesville Will Premiere November 23rd On CNBC

  • George W Pruett

    Is this fact or fiction?

  • admin

    It is fact. The film is a documentary shot in the Haynesville Louisiana area. I like the fact that it focuses on the lives of three “normal” people who get caught up in the gas boom in various ways.

  • Helene

    BION I’m impresesd! Cool post!

  • metee

    I’ve seen what happens to communities and it’s not pretty. People and wildlife will die. Your water will be contaminated. There is no safe way too avoid the destruction these extraction companies will leave behind. Greed will be our downfall