What happened to her in Europe stays in Europe. Watch it.

Buy Meital’s latest hit single featuring Sean Kingston “On Ya” on iTunes here: http://bit.ly/Vr7FCh “On Ya” EP now available in the U.S.

Not since the invention of the original sin has Israel had such a hot export. Described as “Extremely Gorgeous…” by the New York Times and “Breathtaking” by Variety Magazine. Meital (pronounced “Mey-tål”) was born Meital Dohan in Tel Aviv.

No stranger to the spotlight, Meital is an award-winning actress in theater, film, and television; including two Israeli Oscar nominations for her performances in God’s Sandbox and Giraffes and an Israeli Tony for Most Promising New Actress for her work with the renowned Cameri Theater. She was also principal star in the Israeli Emmy Award-Winning Ugliest Esti – the Israeli version of Ugly Betty. Among many other roles, Meital has authored a number of successful plays and the book “Love & Other Bad Habits”.

US audiences were first introduced to Meital as Yael Hoffman on Showtime’s Weeds and as Aurora in the Sony Pictures web comedy Woke Up Dead, co-starring Jon Heder and Wayne Knight. Meital also stars in the upcoming feature, Foreclosure, with Michael Imperioli and Wendell Pierce. Her most recent film, Monogamy (Oscilloscope), co-starring Chris Messina and Rashida Jones, won the Best Narrative Feature at the Tribeca Film Festival and received rave reviews. Meital’s recent TV show project “Meital Saves the World” is currently in development and attracting a lot of interest.

On stage, Meital recently co-starred as Abby with John Ventimiglia (The Sopranos) in the Off-Broadway and LA productions of Anthony Neilson’s play Stitching, which is now being developed into a feature film directed by Bernard Rose (Candy Man).




The New David Bowie Song Is Being Promoted With Adwords

bowie ads 300x168 The New David Bowie Song Is Being Promoted With Adwords

Click on image to see full sie

Some people seem to think that advertising their art is somehow “wrong”. I guess that stems from the anti-establishment feeling that still exists in the indie media world. That is not to say that most indie artists wouldn’t love to have a deal with a record label or film studio whowill  essentially spend money to promote them and their products in their stead.

Rather it is more of a feeling that your music/film should be able to make it n its own merit. There is nothing wrong with that except the odds are against you. The internet is open to everyone and that means an incredible amount of competition for the viewing or listening time of everyone on it.

I saw Bowie’s ads on YouTube and I thought it was a good example. Bowie is a superstar. Ok, maybe his days on top of the game were 30 years ago but everyone knows his name and that certainly counts for something. Why does he have to advertise?

The Bowie release of this album and the music video for his song “The Next Day” from the album have been textbook marketing (both old school and new) 1) he made a controversial video that would have a chance of going viral due to its content be more likely to be covered by mainstream media because of the same reason and the inevitable outrage it would cause among various groups. 2) He is using Adwords on YouTube to reach his target audience and make them aware of the album (click on the image at the top of this post to see examples of the ads).

Adwords will allow his team to run ads directed at a general audience (after all who doesn’t like Ziggy Stardust) and also to target a specific market such as 40+ year old males (probably his best audience). I say his team because it takes a lot of knowledge to set up an edwords campaign and run it in a way that maximizes both exposure and return on investment for the lowest possible cost. That is why I shake my head when people try to sell inexperienced people on the DIY route when running an advertising campaign. It is like driving a race car, sure anyone can drive one but only a few people have the skill to drive in a real race and even fewer have the skill to win.

Promote Your Video For Free!

thelogo Promote Your Video For Free! Street Punk Productions is committed to the idea that the web should be (as much as possible) a level playing field on which all content producers have an equal shot at having their video go viral and see millions of views. To this end we are offering $100 in free advertising from Google. The conditions are; that you must open a brand new Adwords account and spend $25 on an ad campaign within 14 days of opening the account.

[Disclaimer: This offer is subject to end without prior notice whenever Google Adwords http://www.adwordsgoogle.com/ decides to stop giving us promotional coupons for our customers]

Some companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote their videos online. We have always worked with indies though, as well as larger concerns and we want to help small companies and indie content producers get exposure for their material on a budget that they can afford.This promotion is the best opportunity we have seen to allow you to “test the waters” by putting your video in front of (potentially) millions of people without risking a large budget.

Once you have your Adwords account linked to our Client Center we will help you set up your initial campaign and run it for the duration of the $100 Google coupon as part of the promotion. We will place your video on appropriate sites such as Facebook games, mobile apps and various websites and related blogs to get you attention from real people and perhaps even go viral. Right now you can start a campaign essentially for free ($100 Google credit – $25 you spend = $75 totally free)so what are you waiting for? Email or call us now and let us get you started on the road to video fame!



This is an anthem about overcoming adversity & negativity. We felt timing wise the title may need some explanation – but the message couldn’t be more fitting.

Bombs Around Me is the debut song from our forthcoming new album.

Man On Earth was established in the late 2000’s by singer / songwriter Steven Nathan. Soon after completing a number of demos in his home studio, Nathan caught the attention of 8x Grammy winning mixer/producer Ken Lewis (Kanye West, Fall Out Boy, Lenny Kravitz). The two teamed up over a period of time writing and recording material that would lay the foundation for all that was to come.

By 2010 the bands reputation had already begun spreading. On the heels of being scored in an independent film, Man On Earth was rated one of NYC’s top live rock bands by the Deli Magazine, had a song featured on the NBC Winter Olympics broadcast, a national TV appearance on Fox’s Fearless Music, a mention in TIME Magazine, and won numerous contests and awards. Things really started to line up in Man On Earth’s favor.

When FMQB declared the bands song ‘All We Want’ a “best bet pick”, then clear channel picked up the song for their nationally syndicated radio show, it became obvious the world is getting even closer to discovering what has been so steadily building behind the scenes. ‘All We Want’ also became a staple at all NHL Islanders home games.

BUY NOW: https://itunes.apple.com/

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Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/manonearthtv

Talk to us: @manonearth
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Get to know us: http://www.manonearth.com/

Tru Fam – “Denim Cashmere”


From the start, there was no question for Tru Fam; they’d make a great team. As identical twins, Young Sha and Just I found motivation in their chemistry as brothers, best friends and their closest critics.

“It’s pretty much a given. We know what one another might want on a record without saying a word.” Young Sha explains.

It came back to when Tru Fam were just kids, watching the Bad Boy Family videos and wishing they could own the world.

“I remember watching P.Diddy and Ma$e in their shiny suits looking fly and all. After that I pretty much loved music,” Just I remembers.

As they grew older, both Young Sha and Just I learned to love all sorts of artists and bands. When they began making their own music in 2007, they  incorporated their love for the pop culture..

Tru Fam tunes reach beyond the normal beats and intricacies ..Their all about making music that the masses wanna hear and that  always been their goal. That and brand marketing strategy. Tru Fam looks at the bigger picture and prides themselves on not being  another  group on an iPod. It’s a complex art, building a brand and all, but the end objective is simple:

“Our main goal is to build a really solid fan base to buy our album, come to our shows and believe in our brand.”

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CUTTING EDGE – “F— the I.R.S.”


Get “F— The IRS” on badgeitunes61x15dark CUTTING EDGE   F    the I.R.S.


Cutting Edge has had several hit songs, indluding “Love Police”, “Without You”, “Every Time I Try”, It’s Time” , “Judas of D.C.” and others. The band has recently completed a LIVE album and here is a video of their song “F – – – The IRS”. This music video features David Pesnell and Ryan Smith on vocals and the song was written by Liza Pesnell and William Zimmerman for Cutting Edge. The album “Cutting Edge Released….LIVE!”, which features several of there past hits is available for only $2 at:


The song “F – – – The IRS” contains the live version of the song and several dance mixes by Ricky Rick and it is available at:

or become a fan at


Louisiana Film Prize Launches With $50,000 Grand Prize

Executive Director Gregory Kallenberg announced today the inaugural Louisiana Film Prize, with a grand prize of $50,000. The Louisiana Film Prize contest and festival (www.LAFilmPrize.com) invites filmmakers from all over the world to create and present a short film under one condition — it must be shot in the Shreveport-Bossier area.

Filmmakers have until July 9, 2012 to submit their film. Each filmmaker will be provided with an ambassador, to guide them to find the appropriate resources and aids to help with production, housing, promotional events and other needs during their stay. On August 9, 2012, the top 20 films will be selected to screen as part of the LA Film Prize Festival Weekend, October 5-7, 2012. The grand prize winner will be chosen based on the votes of a panel of expert judges from all over the country and the festival audience. Finalists are encouraged to heavily promote their film and enlist support from friends, family and the public to heighten their chances of winning.

This year’s jury includes journalist/author Hank Stuever (Washington Post), journalist James Hibberd (Entertainment Weekly), Steve Beckman (Cinetic) writer/performer Pat Hazell (National Public Radio contributor) Brandon Oldenberg, (Academy Award Winning producer of the animated short “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore”) and Jason Neulander (founder, the Salvage Vanguard Theater, Austin TX, award-winning producer of the stage play “Intergalactic Nemesis”), with additional jurors to be announced.

“This is the coolest film contest on the planet,” said Gregory Kallenberg, founder of the Louisiana Film Prize. “It has been created to energize the filmmaking community to create the best work they can in an environment that is incredibly supportive of their endeavors. We hope that the Louisiana Film Prize will help spark a revolution in indie filmmaking in the area.”

“This is a substantial prize that could really change a filmmaker’s life,” said Chris Lyon, the LAFP’s Festival Director. “This $50,000 could help someone create more short films or help fund a feature film. It’s a really amazing opportunity for the filmmaker.”


Website: http://lafilmprizeshreveport.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lafilmprize

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Lafilmprize

twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/lafilmprize/

Erie Ave – “Hustle” (Official)

Erie Ave is an up and coming rapper from the Washington DC area. He released his first mixtape “Hell Bottom” in 2010 to rave reviews. He has been working on his first official EP with a Grammy award winning producer and keeps on making music on his own as well.This song is his latest and, in my opinion he just keeps on getting better.

You can download “Hustle” for free at this link.

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Diyar Pala – Yeşilimi Ver (Official Video) 2010


Find more Diyar Pala songs at Myspace Music


In 1981 Diyar Pala was the first child born to a Turkish family who had recently immigrated to England. Throughout his youth he developed an interest in the creative field and begun to explore these appearing in small roles in film and TV.

Growing up in a multicultural community his interest in cultures led him on journeys to Holland, Egypt, Thailand and Japan. Drawing from his experiences as well the cultural synthesis he witnessed growing up in London he recorded his debut album “Yen birr Flow” using his own distinct style. The album was released simultaneously in England and Turkey in late 2007. An emotional journey consisting of love, disappointment, self reflection, happiness and melancholy were explored on the album using a mixture of traditional Turkish and Arabesque sounds combined with modern Hip Hop and Run’s. His musical endeavors proved successful and led to a loyal fan base that continues to grow today.

(Bio excerpt Provided by Reverbnation)

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Laura Roppe – “Float Away”

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San Diego singer-songwriter Laura Roppé has released her sophomore album, “I’m Still Here,” produced by Matthew Embree, the frontman and lead guitarist of indie rock sensation, Rx Bandits (whose music is featured on the latest iteration of the popular video game, Guitar Hero.). Laura wrote all the songs for the album during and immediately following rigorous chemotherapy and radiation treatments for an aggressive form of breast cancer in 2009.

“I’m Still Here” has received a glowing reception: On February 4, 2011, Laura climbed to No. 6 on Billboard Magazine’s “Uncharted” Chart, a ranking of the Top 50 emerging indie artists in the world, and she remained on the chart for five consecutive weeks (and counting!); “George Clooney” recently charted on Myspace; Laura’s celebratory music video for her bucket list song, “George Clooney,” has grabbed Top 30 or higher “Youtube Honors” in Canada, Australia, Spain, India, Japan, France, Germany, and many others; European and UK radio is regularly airing tracks from “I’m Still Here”.

Respected UK music magazine, Maverick Magazine, raves that “I’m Still Here” is a five-star, “must-have” album (February 2011 issue); and influential music blogger Wildy’s World has named “I’m Still Here” as Number 13 on its list of the Top 60 albums of 2010, saying: “Roppe is the comeback kid; not only kicking cancer to the curb but remaking herself as an artist in one of the most brilliant and emotionally naked artistic turns of 2010.
(Bio excerpt Provided by Billboard Pro)

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 Laura Roppe   Float Away